• MEDAN SELERA ODYSSEY – The Al-Johori Culinary Legacy


    medanseleracoverwebThis book is a collection of recipes from the late Haji Ahmad Yaakub Al-Johori. During his lifetime, he learned from Chinese cooks, British soldiers and lovers of food he met in his travels. It truly reflects the history and nature of Malaysia as the crossroads for travellers and traders alike.

    Medan Selera Odyssey is also the English version of “Medan Selera” (avenue of tantalising tastes), aptly titled to reflect the journey these recipes have undergone since the 1950s, when he first published it. It is now being immortalised by six of his beloved grandchildren.

    This book is listed in the “50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights”, showcased at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

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  • 7 DOORS – Written by young authors aged 10-15


    7doorscoverwebA boring trip to the museum becomes anything but, as five schoolchildren stumble through a magic Door that leads them to another realm. They soon discover that there are another six Doors to get through before they can go home – but something has other plans for them.

    7 Doors is a fantasy-adventure novel written by children aged 10 to 15 years old who belong to Storymakers League – a group of young, creative and talented Malaysian authors managed by Shakespot Sdn Bhd and supported by the National Innovation Agency Malaysia.

    This book is listed in the “50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights”, and showcased at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

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  • PUTERI PAKMA – The Mysterious Princess of the Rafflesia Flower


    puteripakmacoverwebPuteri Pakma is based on a series of artworks that originated and were presented locally and overseas by Abby Zain herself, inspired by her travels to the rainforest in Ulu Geroh, Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia in 2011. These artworks consist of pictures, sketches and paintings on canvases now being made into a story.

    It is an original fairy tale of a princess, Puteri Pakma, born from inside of the Pakma (Rafflesia) flower whose destiny is to save a prince who was once wicked and help rebuild his kingdom with the help of her animal friends.

    Written, illustrated and inspired by Abby Zain.

    This picture book is listed in the “50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2015″, showcased at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

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  • HUMPS – The Magical Four-Humped Camel


    HUMPS is a story of three siblings: Kieren, Felicity and Lewis, who find a strange looking animal while playing in the field. They investigate and discover that HUMPS is a magical talking camel with four humps.

    HUMPS’ story of his humps and what his humps conceal is a fun and amazing revelation with a surprising and wonderful ending.

    It is a story to delight young children who will love to turn the pages with you time and time again – a truly delightful reading and bonding experience for children up to 4 years of age. You and your children will fall in love with HUMPS.

    This introductory book will excite you to seek other HUMPS books in the future and let HUMPS share more of his magical adventures with your children.

    Written by David Jackson and illustrated by Sayahan.

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May 16, 2015

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