About Shakespot

Shakespot Sdn Bhd is a company that focuses on book publishing services and consultancy, distribution and representation for self-publishers and mainstream publishers.

Founded in 2009 by Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor, who is now its Managing Director and currently the Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Book Publishers Association, it started off as a vehicle to manage the sales and distribution of the books he wrote and self-published five years before. Through Shakespot, the books, “Learning Mathematics with the Abacus” series, were sold online and successfully generated a six-figure revenue over several years, mainly to customers across the continents of North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania that covers almost 50 countries to date.

The books were licensed to be published and/or distributed to India, USA/Canada, South Africa, Australia and even translated into Turkish for Turkey.

Due to the success of this “self-publishing” effort and 15 years of publishing experience, Shakespot has evolved to become a boutique publishing company, specializes in consulting and publishing books for other self-publishers and represent their books at international book trades, mainly Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, London Book Fair, Abu Dhabi Book Fair, and Tokyo International Book Fair, a part from Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair and Kuala Lumpur Trade & Copyright Centre.

Shakespot always strives to publish high quality books for the local and global market. There is a success story for almost every book published by Shakespot. Some of our books have been selected for purchase by the National Library of Malaysia, recognized to be the best Malaysian children’s books, and selected to be one of the “Top 50 Best Malaysian books for International Rights” at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Through smart partnerships with other book industry players in Malaysia, Shakespot has secured distribution channels to all major bookstore chains and newsstands in Malaysia to distribute books that it publishes or represents.

In an effort to groom local writing talents, Shakespot has just launched the Storymakers League Program where it currently has 30 very young talented writers aged 10 to 15 participating in free creative writing classes with the objective of getting their works published and marketed worldwide. Started in 2014, Shakespot partners with Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (Malaysian Innovation Agency), an agency under direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Department and Petrosains, a science center and a subsidiary of Petronas the Malaysian oil & gas company.

Due to the experience and international standards that Shakespot sets for itself, it has now beginning to represent books by other publishers who want their books to be sold overseas. Co-publishing and distribution projects are also in the works to bring more high quality content to be accessible by the masses in Malaysia and worldwide.